Harlands claim money back from HMRC for their client

Waymark IT – Research & Development Claims

Harlands began working with Waymark IT through the NERN referral group. The Waymark directors asked us to review their current projects to identify which might qualify for R & D relief.

Harlands worked closely with the Waymark Directors and programmers. We identified many projects which gave rise to a technological advance in software development. The process was made easier by using Harlands targeted R & D questions. This enabled us to gather enough info to compile comprehensive reports for HMRC.

Over the last 2 years we have saved Waymark IT in excess of £100k through a combination of corporation tax rebates and cash refunds. Also in that period, Harlands have generated income of around £15k from success fees and other services.

“We have used Harland’s Accountants to prepare and submit our R&D claim to HMRC for the past 2 years. Both were successful with no challenge to the amounts claimed for.

The process was very straightforward with virtually no disruption to our business. We were very impressed that Harland’s were able to produce the document from the info provided, despite it being quite technical. They also sanity checked the hours we claimed for, helping to ensure our claims went unchallenged.

They were happy to work at our pace and provide guidance all the way through the process. The simplicity of making a claim through Harland’s has given us the confidence to invest more in innovative projects. Not having to save monthly to cover our Corporation Tax charge has had a positive effect on our cash flow.

We would have no hesitation in recommending anyone speaking with Harland’s about their R&D claim. It really is a win win service provision.”

Paul Lofthouse – Director, Waymark IT

“We are very pleased to have added significant value to Waymark’s business. This would not have been possible without the NERN network. NERN provided the introduction, and also allowed both parties to build mutual trust. This was essential to delivering exceptional results.”

Lee Quarzi – Director, Harlands Accountants LLP

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