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Are you getting sales from your networking activity?

There are many forms of business networking and they generally all have the same goals of widening your circle of contacts and providing business opportunities. Some are very informal with infrequent meetings and a mix of people, whereas some are much more structured, meeting at the same time and with only invited members in attendance.

We firmly believe that structured meetings with a focus on referrals will maximise your networking time. There is no doubt that by attending any networking activity you may happen upon a business opportunity, however with a structured group your fellow members effectively become an extension of your sales team as they are both actively listening out for opportunities whilst promoting your business and all the ask in return is that you do the same for them.

By following an agenda members are given the opportunity to re-fresh everyone’s memories about what they do and what business opportunities they are seeking.

We also set and monitor targets for the number of referrals passed and similarly we shall track the amount of revenue being generated by the Group.

If you are still unsure why not come along as a visitor to see how being a member of the North East Referral Network could benefit your business.