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Waymark IT are a specialist software developer based in Gateshead, and engaged fellow NERN member Talbot Jones Risk Solutions (TJRS) to provide insurance quotations for their business in July 2017.


TJRS were able to:

  • Save Waymark 15% on their annual insurance spend
  • Increase their property cover dramatically
  • Extend their liability cover
  • Provide additional covers including business interruption and legal expenses


Richard, Broking Director at TJRS, stated “we were able to do such a good job for Waymark because they were completely open and transparent, providing me with invaluable information at an early stage. This allowed me to assess their needs and find the most appropriate policies for their needs.  Even though there was no requirement for us to achieve significant premium savings, this was a welcome by product of the comprehensive broking process.”


Paul, Commercial Director of Waymark, had this to say, “ Richard was extremely thorough, and took the time to really understand our business rather than simply offering a like for like quotation. We were delighted with the results not only have they managed to significantly improve our cover and make it fit for purpose they also reduced our annual premium. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”



Paul and Richard were able to work together to achieve these commercial benefits thanks to the relationship they had developed through the North East Referral Network; meeting regularly with each other allowed them to build trust and a healthy working relationship, which ultimately saved Paul’s company money and increased their insurance protection.